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Baltimore's Sotto Sopra is a Gluten Free Friendly Restaurant Worth Checking Out

Sotto Sopra
405 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Not knowing anything about this restaurant, except for its location and that it claims to be Italian, I was delighted to discover that it is a fantastic restaurant that knows how to accommodate gluten-free diners. The dinner menu is comprehensive, and from what I ate, offers delicious food. There was absolutely no question when I said that my food needed to be "gluten-free"; in fact, when our waiter brought a basket of bread to the table, he quickly moved it away from my side of the table. If you're looking for a great italian restaurant, you really must check out Sotto Sopra. It's definitely worth your while. And if you're as much a creme brulee fanatic as I am, you will not be disappointed!

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