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Pazo & The Entire Cindy Wolf Dynasty

1425 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

Another one of Cindy Wolf & Tony Foreman's Successful Endeavors...

They may not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, but they sure do have accommodating servers. Every time (which is more than I can remember at this point -- and not due to their overwhelmingly spectacular selection of wine...) I am there, I have a great time, delicious food, and a different experience.  The restaurant is so versatile that while one evening can be spent traditionally with an appetizer or two, a salad, an entree, and a dessert; another evening may consist purely of a wide selection of small plates to be shared by everyone at the table.  I've also enjoyed several nights where a little of both took place, but those nights are always the ones where I regret having eaten quite so much!  Not only is the menu a delight, each seat in the restaurant allows for a different experience: from dining upstairs on the mezzanine level and looking down below to the lounge and other seated dining area, to sitting on one of the greatest couches ever made in the lounge and munching on perhaps one or more of the tapas.  The bar, too offers yet another experience all within the same great space; however, I'm not really a bar person, so I won't really be commenting on that.

In terms of suggestions for food, I will try; however, the menu is regularly changing to reflect current seasonal influences.  But, as all good gluten-free diners know...better to ask than wind up sick!  So, here's a personal list of favorites (that either already are gluten-free or can easily be prepared gluten-free):
  • Manchego & Manzana
  • Local Heirloom Tomato Caprese
  • Jamon Pincho
  • Shrimp with Garlic
  • Papas Fritas "Nuevas"
  • Sauteed Broccoli
  • Braised Lamb Shoulder (no lamb jus though!)
  • Grilled Hanger Steak
  • Wood Grilled Organic Chicken
  • If they have the Bronzini -- you really must try it
Oh, and if you were concerned about it only being for the hip, trendy set...don't fret... Pazo is about comfort.  I've seen clients from young twenty-somethings ready to party-it-up at the bar to business-dressed men and women sitting in the lounge, to first dates, to older married couples out to dinner.  I've worn jeans and I've worn something a bit more fancy, so it's up to you!  Make it what you want.  Just be sure it's gluten-free!

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  1. I agree that Cindy Wolf knows food and how to serve gluten free. I've been to Charleston for an amazing meal and I'm headed to Pazo soon. Glad to hear I'll have the same great experience. Thank you!


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