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WANTED: Associate Contributors

Do you have two toasters in your kitchen because one is for you to toast every single piece of gluten-free bread, while the other collects gluten in its tray?  Have you designated a part of your counter as a "gluten-free zone"?  Do you live with someone who is gluten-free?  Do you enjoy eating out at restaurants and checking to see if they're accommodating to your gluten-free needs?  Do you get excited when you find a new product that totally rocks the gluten-free world?  Do you enjoy sharing your finds?  This is your chance!


  • Knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling, and mechanics.  
  • Basic understanding of how to post on Blogger.
  • Extensive understanding of the concept of cross-contamination and its effects on those who are truly gluten-intolerant.
  • Wide variety of interests, from research on Celiac Disease, the use of a gluten-free diet as treatment for Autism, reviews of gluten-free products, finding gluten-free products, accommodating restaurants & reviews, etc.
This is a volunteer position only.  If you are in need of community service hours, please contact glutenfreebaltimore@gmail.com, and we will look into assisting you!

Please send a sample of your writing, preferably of a potential posting to "Gluten Free in Baltimore", to glutenfreebaltimore@gmail.com.  Please make sure that the email address you are using is the email address you would like for us to use as contact information.  You may remain as anonymous as you'd like; however, please also include some sort of profile -- nothing in depth -- that would accompany your posting, including:  
  1. A Display Name
  2. Interests
  3. A Brief Introduction
  4. Favorite Foods
We will review your application and contact you, if you have been selected to be an associate contributor.  Thank you for your interest!

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