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GlutenFree Bakehouse: Bread, Scones, and Pie. Oh My!

This is Part II of a new series dedicated to answering the question:  What's in Your Pantry?

When Whole Foods Market opened their Gluten Free Bakehouse, (sometime around 2005) everything became a little better.  It was a day to be celebrated: bread, personal-sized pies, scones, muffins, brownies, biscuits, cornbread, cookies, pizza crust, pie crusts, cakes & cupcakes...all packaged and sitting there in the freezer section just waiting and wanting for me to eat them.

The Sun-dried Tomato and Roasted Garlic sliced bread, when toasted, is the perfect compliment to a turkey sandwich.  The sandwich bread is versatile and works well as toast to accompany eggs and bacon for breakfast, chopped and baked into croutons for a salad for lunch, or slathered with butter, garlic, and parsley for garlic bread to accompany a big gluten-free Italian dinner.

The first product I fell in love with, though, were the Almond Scones.  They're huge, so remember to cut them in half.  All that needs to be done is let them thaw in the refrigerator, and then eat.

Of course, at Thanksgiving, it was fun to have a pumpkin pie and pecan pie pre-made sitting in my refrigerator.

I also find that their pizza crusts, while not so great for pizza, make a great base for gluten-free focaccia:  just brush with olive oil add some herbs and bake:  Moist, chewy, and delicious in minutes!


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  1. I think whole foods really has done a great job creating convenience GF baked goods! While I make most of mine at home (simply because I dont' have a whole foods around) the products I have tried have been excellent! nice post!


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