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Larabar Love

This is Part I, of a new series dedicated answering the question: What's in Your Pantry?

My constant companion these past four gluten-free years has been the Larabar. Not only are these fruit-and-nut energy bars always stashed in my pantry, they’re also in my coat pockets, glove compartment, purse and diaper bag. I even crammed a few of them in my labor bag for my two-day stay in the hospital when my daughter was born. They’re by far the tastiest and healthiest gluten-free snack, pick-me-up, or light meal I’ve found. Plus, they hold up really well whether it’s freezing or sweltering. 

Larabars currently come in 14 flavors, but that number keeps growing. When I first discovered the Larabar in 2005, there were just four or five flavors, not that I was complaining, back then I was a new celiac slogging through food labels and Larabar was the only energy bar with ingredients I could actually pronounce. (No Larabar has more than 6 ingredients). 

My favorite flavor changes (though for almost a year I was hooked on Cashew Cookie). Last fall I was really into Apple Pie and Ginger Snap, and most recently I was noshing on Peanut Butter Cookie, which unfortunately has been voluntarily recalled along with just about every other peanut butter product out there. While I wait for the store shelves to be re-stocked with Peanut Butter Cookie, I’m enjoying Coconut Cream Pie.

I buy Larabars by the box and pick them up at Whole Foods for $21.99 per box (16 per box), at Trader Joes who sells them for $1.29 per bar, or from Giant who carries a small selection and sells them for $1.25 per bar. For the best selection however, check out Whole Foods.

Larabar has two other lines of energy bars as well, Jocalat, which is the chocolate-y version of the Larabar, and their newest bar, a kid-friendly, crispy bar called the Jamfrakas. All of them are gluten-free. Yum.

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