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Rice Chex goes Gluten Free!

Rice Chex is now Gluten Free!  [Pause for cheering and applause.] General Mills is taking large steps and offering up their Rice Chex cereal in gluten-free form, with a great big label showing that it is indeed gluten-free.  In addition to the product change, they have also offered up several amazingly delicious recipes for Chex Mix.  Parties might just be more fun again and include more than just the veggie platter!  So exciting...and mouthwatering...



Recipes such as: 


  1. Corn Chex as well as a few other varieties of Chex are supposed to be gluten free as of this summer. I've seen the GF Corn Chex in the store once. It also had the big GF label on the front of the box. They aren't widely available yet though so watch those labels. Yay for Chex!

  2. I eat Rice Chex with Silk Soy milk (or yogart) and ground flax see for breakfast every day!

  3. I just bought some GF Honey Nut Chex and Corn Chex today.

  4. I found gluten free Honey Nut Chex at the grocery store this week. They were good. I called General Mills to thank them and they said that we should be able to find the gluten free Strawberry Chex, Cinnamon Chex, Chocolate Chex, and Corn Chex anytime now. All the boxes will be marked with the gluten free bar the same way the Rice Chex currently are.

  5. Chocolate Chex is heavenly!!! I also read recently that Kix removed the oat flour so it's now gluten free! I hope other cereals continue to follow suit!


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