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Ben & Jerry's: Our New Favorites

My birthday was Sunday, and I love ice cream cake, but I haven't been able to enjoy any for a while.  Ben & Jerry's is my new hero.  See, the Dairy Queen, Carvel, and Maggie Moo's cakes all have a cookie crumble or cake layer or both.  Ben & Jerry's allows you to have a gluten-free cake.

You have two options:  1. All ice cream or 2. Bring in your own filling, such as cookies or brownies.

Then you place a special order.  The Ben & Jerry's that I visited had a binder at the counter that listed all the gluten-free ice creams.  I chose Phish Food and Vanilla, chose my cake style from the catalog, and handed over my brownies.  The clerk wrote "GLUTEN-FREE - USE CUSTOMER BROWNIES" in the special instructions.  Even better:  we got a $3 discount for bringing in our own brownies.

I came back a day and a half later to pick it up, and it looked good!  It tasted good too.  As you can see in the picture below, there are two layers of brownie or cookie alternated with two layers of your choice of ice cream.  I chose the chocolate frosting, but there is vanilla as well.

Check out the Ben & Jerry's Website for a location near you!


  1. What a great find! Dairy Queen will also crush up m&ms and put them in the center of an ice cream cake to make it gluten free.

  2. that's so thrilling! I really miss ice cream cake! I can't wait to try it for my birthday! Can you tell me what Dairy Queen or Ben and Jerry's you went to in the area?

  3. Hi! That cake looks delicious! Just wanted to let you know,as a manager for Carvel - We are trained to deal with Gluten Allergies in the same fashion. If there is a Carvel Shop near you, Making cakes without them is not a problem - We all make our cakes in house. :)


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