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A Guilty Pleasure In Our Own Backyard

Sweet Sin Bakery has opened a retail store near Charles Village. I can't praise this bakery enough. Everything they make is delicious. They also serve my favorite local coffee, Zeke's Coffee.

I went in one morning and wanted some comfort food. For me, comfort food is 'bread' products. I bought a loaf of bread, 4 muffins, a cupcake and a large coffee. While I was in the store I also got to sample a slice of pumpkin pie, a regular slice not a 'sample size'. The crust was perfect, light, flaky and sweet. I expressed how much I liked the pie and was offered another slice.

I'm making Sweet Sin my guilty pleasure at least once a week.

Hope you can get there soon! It's worth it!

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  1. Sweet Sin has now expanded its gluten free menu and serves hot soups and entrees which change daily. These meals have options accommodate everyone - gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, just hungry people!


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