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Woodberry Kitchen: consistently delicious

This past weekend I enjoyed a fantastic gluten-free meal at Woodberry Kitchen. The bustling eatery has already been reviewed by Gluten Free in Baltimore, but I thought I'd add another happy dining experience to the blog. For those who haven't been, Woodberry Kitchen has a gluten-free menu with only slightly fewer choices than the regular menu. With so many options, I labored over the decision of what to order -- until the server dropped off a plate of warm gluten-free bread. It was only the second time I've had gluten-free bread in a restaurant (the first was at Hemingway's in Killington, VT). With soft, warm bread, the decision was easier -- I wanted soup to start. So, I kicked off the meal with a bowl of velvety Heirloom Pumpkin Soup, lapped up with warm gluten-free bread. For dinner I chose a vegetarian option, the Hot Pot with a smoky cauliflower sauce. Importantly, the menu pointed out in obvious, large font that they do not have a dedicated gluten-free fryer. I appreciated being immediately informed of that potential source of cross-contamination (for dishes with French fries, crispy onions, etc., ask for them to be left off or swapped out for something else). I also appreciated how the staff announced "gluten-free" as they dropped off each dish -- they were paying attention.

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