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Squished Bread?

Ok, Udi's you've won my love.  Let me share with you how we met.  It was a very warm day on May 1st in Baltimore, MD.  I was disappointed that I had been unable to attend the annual Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K in the morning, but when I was finally able to get back to my day, I headed to Whole Foods Market to stock up.  Now, up until this point, my standard bread was Whole Foods Market's Gluten Free Bakehouse's loaves. Yes, it needed to be toasted, but I was ok with that...it was good.

Being a gluten-free food finding machine, I was able to find every new gluten-free product they had in stock...and that happens to include Udi's granola (in the cereal aisle), loaves of fresh bread & bagels (with--you guessed it--the fresh bread), and cinnamon rolls (over in the bakery).  And yes, I bought all of them.  That's the confidence I have in Udi's.  Where did this confidence come from?  My tweeps on Twitter who just won't say a single negative thing about Udi's.  It was when I went to grab a loaf of bread that I realized that these people probably weren't lying.  This gluten-free bread is squishy.  Now, if there is one thing gluten-free bread buyers have never had to worry about: squished bread.  Well, Udi's, we now have that problem...and that may be the highest compliment you may receive.  (Oh, and the fact that you don't actually have to toast the bread to make it palatable.)

So, on this 91 degree day, as I unloaded my bags of groceries, I discovered that the guy who had bagged my groceries had placed something heavy on top of one of my loaves of Udi's bread, and the loaf was squished! Not crumbled, but squished... And a smile came across my face because I knew something good had entered my life.  So thank you Udi's for my new squishy gluten-free bread products.

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