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Ensure: Good for your Health & your Stomach!

In addition to having Celiac Disease, I also have Crohn's Disease (but that's another story).  I began drinking Ensure because of the Crohn's, but have found it to be very useful for the Celiac Disease as well.  I've always had trouble taking vitamins, even though they're very important to my well-being, because they make my stomach extremely upset.  So, for awhile, I gave up on vitamins...but that came back to haunt me, when my vitamin levels went out of whack.  I tried Ensure as a last resort -- and sure enough, it's working!

For those of you who don't know, Ensure is a nutritional supplement drink.  It provides lots of good vitamins and other things that our hurting intestinal systems have difficulty absorbing.  Anyway, a from my finely tuned taste buds: I highly suggest NOT drinking the vanilla flavor.  The chocolate flavor, strawberries and cream, and butter pecan are all delicious, but the vanilla is atrocious.  And, I usually am a fan of all things vanilla!

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