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if you are concerned about traveling because you don't know what to do about the whole food situation, you could do what I did for the first 5 years of being diagnosed: pack a cardboard box with gluten-free food to last you for the entire trip...  But, really, who wants to do that?  

  • Research your destination:  Google Search: (your destination) and gluten free.  Check to see if your destination has a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods Market because, if they do, you are pretty much guaranteed at least a few gluten-free selections!
  • If you are traveling to a destination where English is not the spoken language, learn how to say "gluten free" "no wheat, oats, barley, or rye" in the spoken language.
  • Travel to Canada and/or Europe (Italy, France, England, Ireland).  They are much more accommodating of gluten-free needs than the USA currently.  Trivia:  All children in Italy must be tested for Celiac Disease by the age of 6!
  • Stay in a hotel that offers a kitchenette and go grocery shopping while traveling.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, if you are having difficulty finding gluten-free food, go to the local grocery store and get food there.  
Most importantly:   Remember that food is not the biggest part of traveling, enjoy the sights, meet people, and have fun.  Don't focus on food if you don't have to!


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