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Lilit Cafe

7921 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD  20814

So I had my second ever gluten-free sandwich at a restaurant.  The first was at a restaurant in Canada.  I've eaten lots of "gluten-free sandwiches" where the way the sandwich becomes gluten- free is that I ask for it without the bread; however, this time was different.  The contents of this sandwich were graciously surrounded by two pieces of gluten-free bread.  Lilit Cafe is a bit of a drive from Baltimore, but completely worth it.  Not only will you enjoy a delicious gluten-free meal, you can stock up on the amazingly delicious products from Sweet Sin Bakery.  The Cafe has them in their refrigerated section.

The sandwich I had was the Turkey Caprese -- and yes, they knew to toast the bread.  It was the perfect lunch sandwich.  The Cafe is a big combination of gelato shop, liquor store, gluten-free shop, and cafe.  It's the perfect place to go to grab lunch, or to sit and eat a cup of gelato on a hot summer's day.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to thank you for providing great information on GF stuff in Baltimore. My husband and I are flying there in less than 2 weeks to pick up our adopted baby. I'm a celiac and needed some ideas for GF. Your information has been very helpful. Hayley

  2. Their gelato is YUM-O! And, all their fruit flavors are also dairy free! I don't even miss "real" ice cream when I'm having this!


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