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A Partially Gluten-Free Party: Catered by Classic Catering

Classic Catering People
99 Painters Mill Road
Owings Mills, MD  21117

So, I recently graduated from College (6 years!), and had a graduation party.  Now, I usually do a lot of the cooking for large parties; however, this time, I decided to have it catered.  So, I settled on the wonderful people at Classic Catering.  I selected the various items I wanted for the party, then asked about providing some items as gluten free.  Classic Catering had no problem with that. Without any whining or complaining about this special request, they identified which items could be made gluten free, and which could not.  This was fantastic!  When the food arrived, I quickly removed portions of the gluten-free items to eat later (because I wasn't about to trust all of my guests to keep everything gluten-free!  I kept imagining someone crumbling a piece of bread over the Spring Chicken Salad with Asparagus...)  Plus, I've always found that if someone doesn't start removing food from a platter, people don't eat.  So the huge hunks of food missing actually acted as a way to encourage people to dig in!

The food was delicious.  People had a great time.  And I have my diploma.

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