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What's The Status of Gluten in Baltimore?

"Food for Thought"
Baltimore Business Journal

Before I begin, I would like to say, that I fully support this good news in the Baltimore Business Journal; however, I want to remind everyone with Celiac Disease, that you do not have a food allergy to gluten.  You have an autoimmune disorder.  Your body attacks itself when gluten enters it.  Gluten to a person with Celiac Disease is like a poison, and your body is trying to eliminate the poison.  In the process, it ends up attacking itself (which is where all the nasty symptoms come from)

Now, I have used the old explanation technique at restaurants: "I have an allergy to gluten, and since it's not good business to have an ambulance in front of a restaurant, please do check with the chef to verify that the food will be gluten free..."  To most people the words "food allergy" make sense and demonstrate that I mean business.  No restaurant wants to have their food kill someone.  Now, I won't die immediately upon ingesting gluten (they don't need to know that); but my risk for dying from colon cancer and other horrible things increases exponentially if I do eat gluten.  Also, I just don't like to feel nauseated, have diarrhea, severe pain in my abdomen, etc...  It's not worth the gluten.

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