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For those who just want a beer...

Now, I've only been able to find 3 gluten-free beers in the Baltimore Metro area:  Redbridge (so-so), New Grist (quite good), and Bard's Tale (horrendous).  I have recently, though, been told there are many others.  I just received this information via email:

The most recommended gluten-free beer I could find is "Shakparo" by Sprecher. Sprecher is widely available in Pennsylvania and I'm 99% sure is distributed in Maryland as well.  Their other gluten free offering "Mbege" is not so well received.  Another lineup that seems to have potential is the Green's lineup imported by Merchant du Vin. I haven't seen these around here, but I now they're available and interestingly enough I DID just seem them in Delaware yesterday...  Some of these score better than others, but they are brewed in conjunction with some VERY reputable brewers.  Probably worth a try.  There are a few others I came across that would probably be even better, but they're brewed in VERY small quantities and often were never available east of Colorado...

Happy drinking!

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