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From the Desk of Mikki Black


Almost a year ago now, I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Since then, I have fought through a vast mountain of information (some good and some bad) in order to learn more about Celiac Disease and how to live well with it.

I was excited to stumble across Gluten Free in Baltimore while planning a day trip over the 2008 holidays.  It has become one of many that I read and research from regularly.  Things are moving fast in the world of Celiac Disease research and nutritional labeling, and I like to stay current.  Why limit your options?  Why force yourself to freeze in time?

Celiac Disease, or any of the other issues which cause the need to restrict gluten intake, need not be a punishment!  There are so many good foods and products!  My passionate interest has led to an interesting side effect:  I have become a bit of a touch point for people at work and at church who are also dealing with Celiac Disease in their lives.

At the same time, I started up a blog in order to flex my writing muscles and build contacts online with people who, like me, love food, but have had to learn to enjoy it in a whole new manner:  sans gluten.  Over at my home blog: Here's What Let's Do, I chronicle short stories and recipes and reflections on life with Celiac Disease, among other things.  It's sort of a random catch-all type of blog, so I am looking forward to writing here, on a focused blog.

Celiac Disease has changed me.  I've had to deal with major lifestyle changes, diet adjustments, periods of intense frustration, even depression.  Having the support not only of sympathetic family members, but empathetic new friends who truly understand what I was experiencing made all the difference for me.  Life is not perfect now, of course, but it is so much better than it was!

To your search for knowledge, to your pursuit of good food, to your health!

- Mikki

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