We hope you'll find this to be a space where we share updated information about gluten-free living and eating AND where we all can share information, so please feel free to comment on posts or email us information you think should be included. Be sure to check out our sister site: BmoreGfree.com So that's that. Enjoy!

A warm welcome to our newest associate contributor:

Mikki Black joins us from the outskirts of Washington D.C.  Having been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Mikki began the overwhelming research that accompanies such a diagnosis so as to be able to continue living and cooking as she always has.  Along with the research and lifestyle changes, Mikki has found herself becoming a mentor and consultant for several people online and in her church who are also celiacs or are gluten-free because of other issues, such as diabetes or autism.  Mikki has been working to build her readership online in hopes of perhaps pursuing publication in the future.

Mikki's interests include:  cooking & eating, reading, Christianity, Facebook, music, poetry, and blogging (Check out Mikki's home blog!)

And, of course, anyone contributing to our blog must have some favorite foods, and Mikki has a great list:  pasta, slow-roasted anything, thick steaks with cabernet sauvignon, brownies, pie, Pacific salmon, cheese, chicken, potatoes... (We're hungry already!)

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