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A Special Welcome to Christine:

Christine's a new mom and is interested in keeping baby gluten-free with rice teething biscuits and gluten-free play-doh.  Her favorite gluten free foods are Tinkyada pasta, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and fresh Jersey lima beans (and no, Christine, we weren't expecting that one!).  She's a self-proclaimed "Gluten-free mama" who is interested in gluten-free parenting, running, and writing.  She was diagnosed four years ago, but (as many realize) believes she had it for over a decade before being diagnosed.  

When Christine moved to Baltimore, she found shortly after the move that all the classic Baltimore foods (Steamed Crabs and Crab Cakes topping the list), might cause problems for a Celiac.  

And finally, we'd like to brag a little bit about Christine:  She has earned her Masters in Public Health from Yale University where she completed her thesis on Celiac Disease and adverse birth outcomes.  Fancy Shmancy, right?  And, if you want to see her in print (on a real piece of paper), check out the February 2009 issue of Baltimore Magazine in the Local Flavor Section.  

Christine, we're honored to have you join us at Gluten Free in Baltimore!

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