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welcome. 欢迎. dobrodošli. welkom. bienvenue. καλώς όρισες. bienvenido.

A big welcome to Lynnae, our newest associate contributor!  Lynnae works for World Relief, an international relief and development organization.  She works with churches in the United States that are partnering with international field offices.  Her focus is primarily on their Asia programs where she is the liaison between the field offices and partners:  setting up relationships, helping with communications and training, writing reports, coordinating visits, and more. 

Adventure is the name of the game for Lynnae:  She loves running and has participated in the Dreaded Druid Hills (one of her favorites...), Survivor Harbor 7, and will be running in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in D.C. this April.  From those of us here who aren't runners, we are majorly impressed Lynnae!

In addition to her international travel, Lynnae is also well-versed in local gluten-free shopping travels.  She loves to visit the produce section of any grocery store or Farmer's Market.  Wegman's is her one-stop shop, and Whole Foods is where she goes for specialty foods.  As many of us gluten-free shoppers understand, Lynnae makes several trips a week to different places (depending on the day!) to find all the things she wants.

When not shopping, cooking, running, or traveling, Lynnae has found some great restaurants in Baltimore that, as she says, are "Lynnae-Friendly":  One World Cafe, Smedly's, Akbar, Austin Grill, Ban Thai, Los Mariachis, and Pitango.

As always, we want to know which foods Lynnae loves:  Whole Foods Sandwich Bread or GF Pantry Sandwich bread mix, Tinkyada Joy penne pasta, her homemade cookies (made with rice, coconut and almond flour mix) We'll be getting that recipe!  In addition to these yummy foods, Lynnae has given us one of the most intriguing pieces of information yet:  apparently there is a gluten-free and dairy free cookie-dough ice cream -- We're intrigued, and can't wait to see what else Lynnae has hidden up her sleeve!

Lynnae, welcome to your newest adventure.

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