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From the Desk of Lynnae

Hello!  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease four years ago.  While I didn't realize it at the time, my diagnosis was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.  An avid and adventurous food lover pre-diagnosis, losing so many of my favorite foods and the freedom to try any new ones was devastating.  My mom put it well:  discovering I could no longer eat "normal" food was a "loss to be mourned."  And yet, through the process of relearning how to cook, care, and fight for myself, I discovered a whole new world of amazing food, inspiring role models, and thrilling challenges.

I've been living in Baltimore for about three years now.  I am still an avid food lover, one with an expensive taste and a skinny wallet, so I'm passionate about finding and making good, cheap, gluten-free food as often as possible.  I also enjoy playing pick-up Ultimate Frisbee, training for races (10Ks are my favorite), and reading good books.

The top of my list of favorites, however, is traveling.  Getting on an airplane is one of my favorite things to do, whether it's headed somewhere domestic or international.  I love the thrill of being in a new place, finding my way, and learning about a different culture.  I first got sick while studying abroad in Chile; after I was diagnosed, I feared my traveling days were over.  Since then, however, my job has taken me around the country and globe, and I've grown to love the challenge of finding "Lynnae-friendly" food wherever I am, whether it's curry in Cambodia, fresh mangoes in Haiti, or Gluten-Free/Dairy Free Nanaimo bars at One World Cafe here in Baltimore!

Here's to gluten-free!

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