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Decisions Decisions

Ok, Amazon.com, you've lured me in once again with your amazing prices...  While I'm addicted to the savings you offer on books, I just discovered that I can get the same savings on gluten-free products.  Where Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's offer mass quantities of gluten-filled foods, Amazon offers the same for gluten-free foods.

As I do the math, I could end up saving $2-$3 per product, just because I bought 12 at a time.  Now, here's the problem:  Where will I put 6 boxes of Glutino's Honey Nut Cereal?  I'm only one person...in a small house...with very few closets.  Let the debate begin:  Do I transfer my home into gluten-free grocery storage or do I suck it up and pay the extra few bucks per product?  Tough decision, right?

It's going to take some time to think about the pros and cons of this one.  Anyone have advice?


  1. Hi,
    One way to deal with the large number of packages is to go in with a friend. Even if they only take a box, you recover a little bit of your outlay and have to store one less box.

  2. Be careful about expiration dates when you are ordering several of the same item. I used to buy the product you have pictured (glutino cereal) from Roots and the expiration date would only be about 3 months. The date is one of those clear dates that is really hard to see.

  3. I'd go with the newly formulated Rice Chex (gluten free) from your local grocery store. Let's hope the Corn variety gets a remake too. ~ Monica

  4. I like MB's idea to go in on it with a friend - great way to save some money, without having to worry about expiration dates as much. I'd go for it!


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