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Uno Chicago Grill, Part II

Mikki wrote our first review of Uno Chicago Grill.  Christine went to the location in Baltimore and had a bit of a different experience.

Uno's Gluten-free pizza...A Work in Progress
Last night I went to Uno's after hearing that their gluten-free pizzas had hit Baltimore.  Fellow contributor, Mikki, recently reviewed the Uno's in Woodbridge, VA.

While it was exciting to walk into a main stream pizza place and know I could order a gluten-free pie, I have to admit, the pizza itself was a bit disappointing.  I tried the pepperoni pizza ($11.99) and though it had good flavor, the gluten-free crust was dry and crumbly.  It wasn't piping hot either, perhaps because the pizza arrives at the restaurant pre-made and frozen (not necessarily a bad thing, cross-contamination-wise, that the pizza is prepared off-site).  I'm hoping this is something they may work out over time.

The server told me that Uno's has been really pushing their gluten-free menu, though I have to imagine the pizza is by far the biggest draw (In addition to two pizza choices: pepperoni or cheese/tomato, the gluten-free menu offers salads, sides, steaks, chicken, salmon, burgers, and a vanilla ice cream sundae for dessert.)

I inquired how they keep the gluten-free pizza separated in the kitchen and the server told me that it's cooked in the same oven as the regular pizza, but they're careful about keeping them separated and on different baking trays.

Despite being a little disappointed, I'm sure I'll go back and give it a second chance.  After all, pizza is hands-down my most missed food, and I appreciate Uno's efforts, even if they could be improved upon.

So, we want to know...Have you been to Uno's?  How was your experience?  Let us know!


  1. I commend Uno’s for researching and producing a gluten free pizza along with other items on their Gluten Free menu, ask your server for the ‘special’ Gluten Free menu.

    I had the Cheese Pizza and Redbridge (GF beer). It could have been presented better and the crust got a little soggy being put directly on a plate from the oven. Also the GF pizza is thin crust. Being from the Midwest and in love with Chicago style pizza it was slightly disappointed that Uno’s GF pizza was not in true Chicago style.
    But hey, why complain, I had pizza and beer at a restaurant for my birthday! I will go back.

    Also, I’ve read that you should call ahead to make sure the Uno’s you want to go to serves the new pizza. The location at Inner Harbor serves GF pizza and beer.

    Uno Chicago Grill at Columbia Town Center
    10300 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 3030
    Columbia, MD 21044

    Uno Chicago Grill at Harborplace
    201 East Pratt Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202

    Coupon for $ off GF pizza!

  2. I love Uno's, especially after finding out about the GF menu. I had to comment on the pre-made aspect and say that it is true, sadly. I asked to have extra pepperoni on my pizza a few months ago and they told me there's a risk of CC since they come already made.


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