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A Gluten-Free Cookout

We've decided that Memorial Day is tied with the 4th of July for second worst holiday to be gluten-free.  What's first?  Thanksgiving, of course!

No, really, the grill's fired up & the gluten lovers are ready to go...spreading out those hamburger and hot dog buns everywhere.  The crumbs blowing in the breeze make us suspect of everything, even that green salad (without croutons) that your cousin brought for you. And you want to scream, wait a second!  What about us???  Keep the poison away!  If we just checked to see which hot dogs & sausage are gluten-free, we could save ourselves a lot of heartache.  Monica helped us out and got the info: So double check your meats here.  And we totally agree with Monica when she writes "My favorite bread just happens to be the hamburger buns from Whole Foods Bakehouse.  I use the buns as my regular bread for every kind of sandwich."  

*If you're a regular reader, you may be thinking that Whole Foods is paying us for our consistent raving about their amazing foods, but we don't get a cent.  It's what true love for an outstanding gluten-free product will do to you!

As a reminder, before we get you too psyched up for a Memorial Day filled with great foods, please be cautious about carelessly accepting marinades & condiments as gluten-free.  Not every ketchup can be like Heinz and incorporate us into their world.  And, please don't forget about the ubiquitous cross-contamination on the grill (Please cook your meats on a piece of foil, then on the grill!).  You can thank Monica in the days following your Memorial Day BBQ when you're still feeling great for these reminders!  

Now moving on and solving a few of your food dilemmas:

Problem:  Pasta Salad
GF Solution:  Substitute GF Pasta, such as Tinkyada, and you're good to go!

Potential Problem:  Potato Salad
GF Solution:  It sounds Gluten-Free, but has many sources of hidden gluten, so inspect first, double check, then eat.

Problem:  Beer
GF Solution:  Why Gluten-Free Beer of course!  Redbridge is the easiest to find, but if you have the same sense of taste that we do, please avoid Bard's Tale -- you'll regret the purchase after the first sip.

Please send us your favorite recipes so we can share with our other readers for future cookouts!

Best wishes for a Safe & Gluten Free Memorial Day from, 
Everyone Here at Gluten Free in Baltimore

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