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Training & Competing Gluten Free

This spring I competed in my first Duathlon and the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (40 miles of walking) I wanted to be prepared for my events.  And, as any athlete knows, part of the training is food choices.  There are many choices, but it's important to ask the right questions:  what will work for me? What will hold up on long bike rides and hours of walking? AND what will taste the best? 

I scoured the Internet for athletes with Celiac Disease and found very little.  As my housemate pointed out, the problem with looking for Celiac athletes is that they are most likely hardcore athletes and their food choices are less than desirable.  I did,  however, find some very nice products that are Gluten Free, taste good, and provide the needed fuel for training and competing.  

Monica's Suggestions...
When you go to an athletic event, BYOF Bring your own food!!! 

I found these products at Whole Foods, REI, or the local grocery store:

- Stingg fruit chews
- Powdered Gatorade
   I'm allergic to glycerin also... 
- Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch
   Almond flavor 
- Lara Bars – any flavor 
- Cliff Bar Nectar - any flavor 
- Gu – apple cinnamon 
- Bagels by Glutino
- Hamburger buns: Whole Foods Bakehouse. 
- Trail mix, whatever you like but this is what I use:
      Enjoy Life – cinnamon granola 
      Salted Cashew pieces 
      Raw Almonds 
      Dried cherries 
- As toppings for bread products I use peanut butter & honey or meat & cheese.  

Training Gluten-Free

Go Team Gluten Free!

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