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Doesn't Everyone Love To Be Fooled By Gluten-Free Products?

So, there's BIG news!  Betty Crocker has 4 gluten-free products out.  So far, the two stores where they've been spotted are the SuperFresh in Timonium, MD and the SuperFresh in Hampden.  Let's see if we can compile a longer list.  I'm sure we can!  Add a comment that shows where you found the latest and greatest.  I've personally tried the yellow cake mix -- delicious.  Monica has bought and baked the Devils Food Cake which "regular gluten eaters cannot tell the difference", and a good friend has tried the chocolate chip cookies, with the same positive results.  So, go!  Get yourself some gluten-free goodies.  See how many people you can fool -- or eat it all yourself, we don't really care either way, just let us know what you think.

(Monica's Caveat:  Be careful of store-bought icing.  You can read the label, but it doesn't always have the right information.  I made the mistake and bought the wrong one and am just now recovering from the consequences of getting glutened.  Lesson Learned:  Make Your Own Icing.  Try this one.)


  1. I have found the Devils Food Cake at the Safeway in Canton

  2. I found all 4 mixes at Wegman's in Hunt Valley, also at the SuperFresh in Ellicott City, MD, and some Weiss Markets.

    I've tried the cookie and the brownie and so far, the brownie is my favorite!


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