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A Starbucks on Every Corner

I loved the Valencia Cake from Starbucks.  It made me feel 'normal' to say: yes, I'd like a cake with my coffee.  Well, bah hum bug... Starbucks is no longer serving their gluten-free cake.  They claim that it wasn't nutritious enough and have replaced it with a nut-type bar.

Thanks to that, now I'll have to make my own cake... when will I find time to do that?!

I'm off to eat a pint of ice cream.


  1. FYI the Tenzo Artisan Bakery is moving out of Baltimore this week, but they said they make their bread from a mix that can be purchase3d from glutenevolution.com Tenzo supplies the bread for Woodberry Kitchen. You can also still buy their already-made bread via their website.

  2. The velencia cake wasn't very good anyway. Tried it once, said , "yuck" and never ordered it again.


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