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Longing for Gluten-Free Pasta at an Italian Restaurant? We have three for you.

Susan wrote to use about these two great options. We're ready to go eat some pasta, and can't contain our excitement, so we're sharing with you. Get excited, and let us know your pasta experience at Ciao Bella, Aldo's, and/or Pizzazz Tuscan Grille!

Ciao Bella 
236 S High Street 
Baltimore MD 21202 
(410) 685-7733  

Have you ever longed for genuine Italian pasta but your longing couldn't be satisfied because you have celiac disease? You don’t have to wait any longer! This lovely restaurant in the middle of Baltimore’s little Italy area is very friendly towards celiacs. If you bring your own gluten free pasta, they will make the pasta and put on any sauce you choose. My favorite is pasta a capri, which is a mixture of seafood (shrimp, clams, scallops) in a creamy white sauce. Most Italian pasta dishes are gluten free, as long as the pasta itself is gluten free. Make your reservation by phone. Mention when you make the reservation that you have celiac disease and you will bring your own pasta. Never hurts to follow up the day before your reservation. You will likely be asked for your pasta as soon as you walk in the restaurant. If you forget to bring your own pasta, no problem! Walk to Whole Foods just a few blocks south of the restaurant and buy gluten free pasta from there. I personally prefer the corn based pasta (as opposed to the rice based pasta). By the way, this restaurant is owned by Chef Gambino who you might have seen on TV. It’s a real treat to eat here and well worth the drive!

306 South High Street 
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 
This wonderful restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy neighborhood has FRESH gluten free pasta! I could not believe my ears when the waiter told me that they have fresh gluten free pasta. I had to of course try it out. I had their GF pasta with wild boar ragu sauce. It was one of the best meals of my entire life. The ragu sauce is very rich and complements the pasta. The wild boar ragu sauce is not a regular menu item; they only have it certain times. The waiter told me however that they generally have fresh GF pasta on the weekends. Just to be sure, though, call a day or two ahead and let them know you will want their GF pasta. It's awesome!!

We can't forget about Pizzazz, our current favorite, which is the restaurant that makes us feel the most normal. We can get almost anything from the menu and know it's going to be great. From sandwiches to pizza to pasta, anything that normally would be off limits is a-ok.


  1. I often read about restaurants in other cities where you can get GF pasta so it's nice to see a few possibilities in Baltimore, too.

  2. I went to Aldo's last night and had the gluten free pasta with the wild boar ragu sauce as well (as per your suggestion), and I agree.... DELICIOUS!


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