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Bringing Gluten-Free Chicago to Baltimore. It's a Win.

Da Luciano's
8343 W Grand Ave
River Grove, IL 60171

This wonderful restaurant is near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Why am I mentioning it to Baltimore area celiacs? Because they will now SHIP gluten free food!! They offer gluten free food I have literally never seen elsewhere including gluten free ravioli, tiramisu, cannoli, and much more. Check out their website! My husband - who does not have celiac disease - says their gluten free food doesn’t taste gluten-free. (Doesn’t taste like it’s missing anything.) All I can say is I am very happy whenever I eat their food.

This restaurant is owned by a husband and wife who have children with Celiac disease so they really know how to cook for celiacs. If you’re ever in Chicago, it’s a must visit.


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  1. I live in Chicago and ADORE Da Lucianos. Such great gluten free lasagna. My mom really loves the beef sandwiches with the gf rolls. Yummy!


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