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Graul’s Market Does Gluten-Free

In Baltimore County, the local market, Graul’s, is well-known and well-loved, but until recently, not known for its selection of specialty gluten-free foods. It appears that may be changing however. Just last week, I went into Graul’s (Ruxton location) for a gallon of milk I’d forgotten during my regular grocery shopping run and noticed a gluten-free display set up near the produce aisle. They were featuring Bob’s Red Mill products (including the favorite gluten-free Mighty Tasty hot cereal), Betty Crocker’s gluten-free cookie, brownie and cake mixes (for $2.99, the cheapest price I’ve found -- possibly a special introductory price), and snickerdoodle cookies and blueberry muffins from local Baltimore bakery, Sweet Sin.

I picked up a package of Sweet Sin muffins and a bag of gluten-free candy from a natural foods company out of Germany I hadn’t heard of before called Seitenbacher. I opened the candy right away to quiet my squirmy toddler and snuck a piece of the fruity strawberry candy myself. It was delicious and we’ve since been back for more Seitenbacher candies. Graul’s also had gluten-free egg noodles (hard to find!), instant soups called ‘hot snacks’ in tomato, vegetable and potato varieties, instant sauce mixes, muesli, cornflakes and energy bars all made by Seitenbacher.

I spoke with the manager about their new gluten-free goodies. He told me they were recently added in response to requests from customers for more gluten-free items. When I asked about the availability at other locations, he said the Mays Chapel store has had a gluten-free specialty section for over a year. Thanks Graul’s!

Locations throughout Maryland:
Annapolis | Cape St. Claire | Hereford | Mays Chapel | Ruxton | St. Michaels


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  1. I'm from Utah and my son was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We are traveling to Baltimore to visit family and this information has been extremely helpful. Thank You!

    Utah Mom


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