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Roy's Restaurant is Gluten-Free Heaven

720 Aliceanna Street #B
Baltimore, MD 21202

Roy's Restaurant, which is located in Harbor East (but is also a chain, so exists elsewhere in the United States...), is gluten-free heaven.  I finally graduated from college (only 6 years!), and it happened to take place two days before my birthday, so my family and I had a dinner out at Roy's.  I chose it specifically because of their phenomenal gluten-free menu - and delicious food.  Their food has Hawaiian and Asian influences, but even my Aunt (who only eats very specific foods because she's a really picky eater) was able to find something to eat and fully enjoy.  They're known for their seafood, but their meats are also outstanding.  Try the lamb: You won't be disappointed!  Their Beef Short Ribs are also outstanding.  And, the Shrimp was seasoned to perfection.  To end it all, their chocolate souffle is gluten-free and delicious, so make sure you leave room!  One of the best parts about the whole experience was that as I was sitting there looking at the menu, my menu - from the outside - looked no different from any of the others.  Unlike most Gluten-Free menus, it wasn't like: Look at me! Look at me!  I have special needs!  And I like that feeling of blending in with everyone, but still knowing that my meal would be prepared gluten-free.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. My girlfriend has celiac disease and I was looking for a nice place to take her to dinner. I ordered off the gluten free menu myself and loved my meal. The chocolate souffle was delicious. It was a perfect evening even though she did get mad at me slightly when I told her we could not use the soy sauce with our kobe beef sushi roll!

    Thanks again,

    Ken Cooke

  2. I love Roy's! I live gluten free and have been to many of Roy's restaurants across the country including Baltimore. I always get staff that understands what I'm talking about and amazing meals.


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