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Welcome to Monica and Her Outstanding Gluten-Free Hunting!

Monica is our newest associate contributor.  She's been quite active on our site for some time now, leaving great comments, and helpful pieces of advice.  She's been gluten-free for 2 years now.  Living with fibromyalgia, Monica decided to try the gluten-free diet as a potential treatment and form of relief.  Two years later, it must be working because she continues to eat gluten-free.  As always, we like to introduce our contributors with a list of their favorite foods; Monica's list includes:  hummus & carrots, pizza, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, nuts, lara bars, and a gluten-free diet staple:  chips and salsa.  In addition to enjoying great gluten-free food, Monica enjoys running & cycling, everything having to do with dogs, and the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

Monica is a great gluten-free goodies hunter.  She brings with her some outstanding news: Gluten-Free Cakes and Cupcakes right here in the Baltimore Metro Area (and D.C.!).


Cakelove helped Monica's boyfriend (perhaps he's actually the actual gluten-free goodies hunter in the relationship?) out and he scored bonus points by getting a gluten-free chocolate cake with fresh strawberry icing to share with friends after dinner at Nacho Mamas! 

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